Motivating youths to cultivate financial literacy!

Eagerup is a reliable platform that constantly aims to boost your financial growth

Initiated by Rashmi Budhathoki and Suman Singh, Eagerup is a goal-oriented site that provides youth with desired financial grip and help. Eagerup is purely customized to encourage youths to become financially aware of money-making, budgeting, asset identification, and balancing sustainable growth.


How Eagerup is formed?


As a growing teenager, I am always keen to seek financial guidelines through various platforms. In the series of researched-based learning and experiences, we can now gather filtered and easy financial tips and ideas.


Our and Vision


Our motto is to provide information and the best advice for the youths to raise their interest in money-making .Educating youth to attain financial freedom from an early age with constant effort is our ultimate goal.


Our Values


We value shaping the financial mind of upcoming generation .


Why choose Eagerup?


  • Profit-making strategies,
  • The base for financial intelligence,
  • Investing at an early age,
  • Sense of financial responsibility,
  • Creative money making skills.